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Maison du Nick

  • Nicolas de Monteville (aka Maison Du Nick) is a native of Paris, France. He started developing his DJ talents very early and his passion for music could be called a family legacy as he started making his first spins at the age of 12 on his father’s vintage DJ set playing quality Disco and 70’s Rock vinyl, safely kept over the years.

    Later inspired by highly technical Disco sets by some of the most renowned French

    DJs such as Antoine Clamaran and Eric Kaufmann, Nicolas trained intensively

    before coming out into the open with his first performance at La Galerie in Paris.

    Between 2005 and 2009, he played in a large variety of establishments across the

    French capital city, often featuring as a guest DJ with some internationally renowned artists such as Muttonheads or Pedro Winter (Ed Banger). Nicolas performed in many of the most renowned clubs in Paris: Le Ritz Club, Le Man Ray, La Loco, Studio 287, Redlight, Les Bains-douches, Qin Elysées, Les Planches, Le Milliardaire, Palace Elysées and Bus Palladium.

    Crossing the Channel during the summer of 2007, Nicolas went to set the dance floors of London’s Opal and Kingley Club on fire with his fiercely hot House/Hip-Hop mixes and loungy tunes.

    Eventually, the Hong Kong calling got louder and Nicolas soon started entertaining Asia’s world city scene with his Underground House and Electro in late 2009. It wasn not long before his deeply-rooted musical influences resurfaced when Nicolas starting chiseling some elaborate Funk, Disco and Soulful House compilations for the pleasure of Hong Kong cosmopolitan clubbers.

    So far, his French Touch vibes have resonated at Goccia, Gecko, Isola, Mint or Dragon-I to name a few.

    Thanks to his growing reputation, Nicolas also got booked for several private gigs in Hong Kong, India and in the Middle-East.
  • Maison du Nick DJ in Hong KongMaison du Nick looks professional as he makes music on stage.
  • DJ Maison du Nick in Hong Kong The talented Maison du Nick smiles for the camera as he shows his talent.