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The Grooves

Showing the love for valentines day at HKIA.

The Grooves

Performing at the HKIA for a valentine  themed event.

The Grooves

Valentine Grooves performing loves songs at the Hong Kong airport terminal.

The Grooves

Airport Elf BandOur Airport Elf Band at the Hong Kong International Airport performing for a Christmas event and attracting many tourists. Performers HK is an entertainment agency established in 2007 providing only the highest quality entertainment solutions. Over 300 videos of acts we represent based in but not limited to Hong Kong. Company website - Booking inquiry - info@performers.hk186 Views

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Presenting the grooves, a three piece roving band with a difference. The Grooves have many great outfits to choose from to make your event a real theme. The Grooves walk around your event providing great music interacting with guest, playing with kids and spreading the Christmas Spirit. The Grooves are the only band in Hong Kong with a Tuba player! Lineup: The Grooves have a rotating lineup of players depending on whom is available. The normal lineup is Ron, Terry, Andy (see pic: The members: (saxophone/guitar): A professional Sax/guitar player for over 15 years. His regular band is "Papa Jack" and is well know in Hong Kong Terry (tuba/sax/trombone/euphonium): Terry is full time music teacher and master of over 6 instruments. She is one of only a handful of tuba players in Hong Kong Andy(snare drum): Andy is a well know magician/juggler in Hong Kong and brings these little routines into the band. Jacob (tuba/trumpet): Jacob has played in many bands back in the USA and works as a drama teacher/director here in Hong Kong. The grooves rough song list: When the Saints Mana Mana, Low rider Pink panther Quando Quando In the mood Aquarela do Brasil Auld Lange Tequila Dont Worry Be Happy, Banana Wimer Fly me to the moon Kids Yakety sax Sponge bob Under the Sea Chicken Song Christmas Here come santa Winter Wonderland Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jingle Bells Santa Clause is coming to town Wish you a merry Xmas Deck the halls Halloween Monster Mash Adams Family Psycho Killer Rocky Horror Thriller Ghost Busters I Put A Spell On You Purple People Eater Black Magic Woman La bamba Oye como ba Nobody nobody but you