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keytar and Triolin

  • keytar and Triolin is a perfect blend of singing, dancing, and musical instrument playing.
    They take music performance to new heights as these lovely young ladies gracefully and effortlessly display their technical music skills in tandem with carefully designed dance choreography.
    Their repertoire is a collection of classical, folk, modern and many other genre of music. On one side, they provide timeless classical pieces with its beautiful melodies providing a luxurious, classy atmosphere. On the other hand, they can inject energy into any event with infectious rhythm tied together by the unique combination of electric violins and cello, flute, erhu, and many others. No there is better way to project a perfect interpretation of classical and modern music.
  • Four electric instrument player in Hong Kong wearing pink and white, taking picture before the corporate eventKeytar and Triolin features electric violins ,cello, flute and Erhu.
  • Hong Kong musiciasn who play electric instrument wearing black costume for a cocktails eventOur gorgeous female musicians in black costumes.
  • Four musician in Hong Kong wearing pink, performing with electric instrument at a restaurant opening eventKeytar and Triolin at a restaurant opening event.
  • Triolin
  • Strings Girl band